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Latest News - February 2018

Craft Biennale Scotland: Open International Exhibition Response to Place 2018

We are sad to announce that due to not being awarded the external funding we required for the event to go ahead we have had to take the difficult decision to cancel the Response to Place exhibition. The launch of the new Craft Biennale Scotland is now postponed until 2020.

We are all extremely disappointed, and would like to thank all of the artists who submitted work, the international curators who selected the exhibition, and the many other people in organisations across Scotland and around the world that have helped us to reach this stage.  We appreciate your enthusiasm and support. 

We are especially grateful to the City Art Centre and City of Edinburgh Council who supported our vision from the beginning and to all of their staff who enthusiastically gave their time and advice.  We know they share our disappointment in not being able to present what would have been a wonderful exhibition in a popular venue with a reputation for supporting craft.

We had already begun work on ideas for 2020 and will now focus on these.  We continue to be committed to our vision to create an inspirational and ambitious new event showing exciting new work by leading and emerging craft artists and celebrating craft as a fascinating, challenging, thought provoking, exciting and innovative artform.

Tina Rose, Director, Craft Biennale Scotland

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